Mission-Related Investment Consulting Services for Non-Profits, Endowments & Foundations

Consulting Services for Mission-Driven Organizations

SWA’s founder and owner, Harry Moran, has a long history of working with area non-profits in support of important community initiatives. SWA continues this tradition of contributing to projects that help support a vision for a peaceful, compassionate, and prosperous community. With this background and experience, we are especially sensitive to the challenges that mission-driven organizations face and take great pleasure in helping them succeed.

In conjunction with First Affirmative Financial Network, SWA offers consulting and asset management services for organizations seeking to integrate mission and values into their investment process and decision making. We can assist in developing an appropriate Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that aligns pension, endowment, or foundation funds with the organization’s mission, while still meeting their fiduciary and stewardship responsibilities. We also design and manage multi-manager environmental, social, and governance (ESG) portfolios that are customized to your organization’s focus and needs.

We can assist with fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities through custom services designed to match your organization’s specific needs, requirements, and objectives. Compensation can take the form of hourly fees, a semiannual retainer, or a fee for assets under management. We will work with you to create a mutually beneficial relationship in which we clearly add value to your investment process. Whether you are looking for a one-time consultation, quarterly meetings and performance reviews, or a full-service advisory relationship, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Areas where our consulting services may be most helpful:

One of the most important fiduciary responsibilities is to develop a comprehensive IPS which identifies the investment process, objectives, and the methods by which those objectives can be achieved. The IPS covers such areas as risk, liquidity, cash flow, asset allocation, and performance evaluation. Integration of ESG criteria should also be included in the IPS.

Many socially conscious investors embrace avoidance strategies, but there is much more that can be done. Shareholder advocacy and community investing can effect societal change in more proactive ways. We can help clarify screening criteria that reflects your values and impact priorities and identify investment strategies designed to advance your personal mission and objectives.

Many money managers say they “can do Socially Responsible Investing (SRI),” but relatively few possess the knowledge, resources, and commitment to do much more than surface-level negative screening. We can help identify money managers with both the requisite portfolio management capabilities as well as the ability to fully integrate ESG criteria into the investment process.

We can assist with full portfolio management services, utilizing active managers and/or passive (indexing) strategies. We can provide detailed, consolidated quarterly reports, presented in a way that provides suitable context, are visually meaningful, and easily understood.

No matter which legislative act (ERISA, UPIA, or MPERS) shapes your organization’s investment practice standards, we can help you develop sustainable and responsible investment criteria that fit well with your organization’s core values and fulfill your fiduciary responsibility.

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