Values-Driven Financial & Life Planning

Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®

As a highly experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, SWA’s founder and owner, Harry Moran, believes that a thorough and disciplined financial planning process is the foundation for effective decision making. Moran believes that financial and life planning, as well as asset management, must focus first and foremost on client needs and values. At SWA, we start by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the planner and client. We gather all the relevant data and work together to establish and refine realistic goals. We then build out a detailed, scenario-based analysis of our client’s situation, and develop recommendations and alternatives that will maximize the probability of a successful outcome. Using a Personal Financial Action Plan as the foundation, we assist with implementing our recommendations. For our Financial Planning retainer clients, we perform an annual review of their financial plan and update it as appropriate, based on changes in a client’s personal financial situation, or changes in the economic or financial market climate. Details on our Financial Planning Retainer service are available upon request.

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