Personal Wealth Tracker

Easy Access

You can easily access all of the following – all in one place…

  • Investments
  • Bank accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Retirement accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards
  • Wills, Trusts and Deeds
  • Frequent flyer and other reward programs
  • Precious personal mementos like family photos and videos

Updated Balances

Once all of your accounts are connected, the balances update automatically every day. You can track your assets vs. goals and monitor your spending in relation to your budget. All expenses are categorized so you can keep a good grasp on your cash flow and be able to quickly identify if anything looks amiss. In just a few minutes, you can review your finances or drill down deeper for more detail. All of this information automatically feeds into your financial plan so it is always up to date. SWA clients can also now collaborate online in real time with their financial advisor.


Secure and Safe

The Personal Wealth Tracker is an intuitive, secure, online experience that seamlessly connects all of the dots.  It provides all the current and important information that is vital to your future and makes it accessible easily and safely wherever you are.

See the video below for a virtual tour of the Personal Wealth Tracker.


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