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As a member of the Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment (CASE) mailing list, we are sending you a personal invitation to the fifth annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair. It will be held virtually Saturday, March 6 from 10-4 pm. Register for free here:

Learn about solar options that fit your home, find out if your house can use renewable heating and financial incentives you can use if so, discover ways your home can become more energy efficient, ask questions of people who drive electric cars, consider how you can avoid food waste- one of the main contributors to global warming, hear about how the recently passed NY State Climate law is being implemented (and not), talk to owners of renewable energy and sustainable living companies, converse with local climate and environmental groups about what they are doing and actions you can take.

One can participate in workshops (on Solar Energy, Renewable Heating and Cooling, Sustainability and Climate Action), networking (which will provide an opportunity to “mingle” and “meet” new people), an exhibition hall and affinity groups (where you can discuss Electric Cars, Youth Activism, Solar Energy, Renewable Heating and Cooling and Sustainability, with others who have that interest.)

We are pleased to continue to offer people in the Greater Capital District, NY a one-stop shopping/information space for renewable energy and sustainable living products, services and ideas. There will be no social distancing, no face masks, no crowd noise, no exhibitor siting issues, no weather or parking concerns, just an enjoyable, relaxing, healthy atmosphere!

This is a FREE public event, but one must register online for tickets at:

If you have any attendee or exhibitor-type questions, contact Becky Meier at 518-781-4686, or [email protected]

Fair Participants:

  • AEC Solar
  • Affordable Housing Partnership
  • Albany Sustainability Advisory CommitteeAlliance for a Green Economy
  • Astral Power
  • Aztech Geothermal
  • BEAT / No Fracked Gas in Mass
  • Capital District Electric Vehicle Drivers
  • Capital District Regional Planning Commission
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby
  • Climate Reality Project: Capital Region, NY Chapter
  • Common Energy
  • Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment
  • Eden Renewables
  • Food Scraps 360 LLC
  • Heat Smart Capital Region
  • Hudson Valley Community College Office of Workforce Development
  • Kasselman Solar
  • Mathias Marketing
  • National Grid
  • New Yorkers for Clean Power
  • News from the Neighborhood
  • PAUSE – People of Albany United for Safe Energy
  • Sierra Club Hudson Mohawk Group
  • Solar Liberty
  • Solarize Albany
  • Spruce & Sprout
  • Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline
  • SunCommon
  • Sustainable Wealth Advisors
  • True Building Performance
  • Zero Waste Capital District

We hope to “see” you there.

Harry Moran helps socially conscious investors define and achieve their highest goals by aligning their money with their values. He is a 30-plus year veteran of the financial advisory profession. He began working with sustainable investments in 1988 and made the commitment to specialize in this approach in 2001. In 2011, he founded Sustainable Wealth Advisors (SWA) to further this vision. He is a member of First Affirmative Financial Network, a national professional organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the socially conscious investing community. In April 2021, he became a Founding Member of Sustainable Advisors Alliance, LLC. SWA’s affiliation with Sustainable Advisors Alliance, LLC offers the firm the opportunity to collaborate with a dedicated group of financial professionals who also specialize in Impact Investing. Mr. Moran can be reached directly at [email protected] or 518-450-1755.

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