Aligning your money with your values through sound financial and life planning.


Our Financial, Retirement & Investment Services

We believe that a thorough and disciplined financial planning process is the foundation for effective decision making. Moran believes that financial and life planning, as well as asset management, must focus first and foremost on client needs and values.
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SWA believes that proper retirement planning can alleviate much of the stress and maximize the likelihood of achieving a secure and enjoyable retirement. At SWA, one of the most common questions we hear is: “Do I have enough to retire?”
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Financial Transitions Planning* was created to fill a gap in the world of financial services. It was born out of the desire to identify and work through the struggles that cause problems during major life transitions, as well as to create ways to enhance transitions that are going well.
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What if you could invest to achieve your personal goals, AND have a substantial and measurable positive impact on the issues you care about in the local and global community? SWA believes that it’s not only possible to integrate your values with your investments, it makes good financial sense to do so.
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SWA’s founder and owner, Harry Moran, has a long history of working with area non-profits in support of important community initiatives. SWA continues this tradition of contributing to projects that help support a vision for a peaceful, compassionate, and prosperous community.
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We focus on your financial goals. Crafting and implementing a sound financial plan is the starting point and foundation for a solid and long-lasting client relationship.


Let's Get Acquainted with Our Owner, Harry Moran, CFP®, AIF®, CeFT®

Incorporating values driven investing in his approach created a perfect opportunity to fully realize this vision and put people and planet on the same plane as profit. Harry states: “Understanding our clients’ deepest personal values and convictions is the starting point and foundation for all the firm’s relationships”.

Financial planning is also a key element of this vision. Once Harry understands a client’s core values and goals, he works on building a solid financial plan to provide the framework and context for all decision-making.

While some advisors are all too willing to dispense with this labor-intensive process, Harry believes it’s a critical factor in maximizing the likelihood of a successful outcome for the firm’s clients.

Moran’s desire has always been to create a safe environment, where his clients feel respected and understood, regardless of their financial status or goals. Harry adds: “SWA goes the extra mile to allow clients to confidently and easily delegate some of their day-to-day financial decisions so they are freed up to pursue their life’s dreams.”

Harry Moran, CFP®, AIF®

Certified Financial Planner™
Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT®)

Owner/Founder of Sustainable Wealth Advisors

Sustainable Wealth Advisors puts people and planet on the same plane as profit.

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