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Many impact investors share some of the same concerns with respect to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues they hold dear. There are certainly significant differences re: the level of urgency and passion people feel about a particular topic, but most people who are inclined to factor in non-financial criteria don’t want…(Read More)

As individuals and families, we can harness the power of money to become game changers in our community by being thoughtful and intentional about our behavior. Every dollar we spend, save, or invest has an impact but it’s up to us to decide what that impact will be. Let’s first look at the…(Read More)

One of the fast-growing areas of impact investing is gender-lens investing, which incorporates gender-based factors, either to enhance investment performance, lower risk or to promote more gender equality. Just as environmentally minded investors may ask about their portfolio’s carbon footprint, increasingly people want to know what good or harm their money…(Read More)

Impact investing has a variety of meanings and preconceptions for many people. Some of this relates to the plethora of terms that are used to describe the practice of aligning our financial decision-making with our values and priorities. We hear about sustainable, responsible, ethical, and values-based approaches. Depending on the context, these can…(Read More)

I just had the great pleasure of attending the 20th Anniversary SRI in the Rockies Conference. This year’s gathering of the sustainable and responsible investing community, titled “From Crisis to Opportunity: Investing in a Sustainable World”, was held in Tucson from October 25-28. As always, the event was energizing and inspirational as the…(Read More)

Over the years, I’ve found that there a number of obstacles that have prevented many socially concerned investors from investing their money in a sustainable and responsible manner. For some, it is an ingrained belief often perpetuated by the media that aligning your values with your money will lead to inferior results and will…(Read More)

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting time to be in the financial business! Occupy Wall Street, a series of protests and demonstrations based near the Wall Street financial district, appears to be continuing to gather momentum, and is spreading to other cities. While the protesters are truly a diverse group, the key driver is…(Read More)

As we head into 2011 on the heels of a dizzying and disturbing mid-term election period, I wanted to take a look at a major trend that has been developing which has some very positive implications for investors, voters and consumers. In the first election since the Supreme Court’s campaign finance ruling in…(Read More)