Recent Stock Market Gyrations – How Concerned Should We Be?

financial ups and downs

It’s a strange time by all accounts, with a virus shutting down travel, activities, and commerce globally in an attempt to contain the spread. The COVID-19 pandemic should first be considered a health issue, and everybody should do what they can to protect themselves and their loved ones from the spread of the disease. It should […]

Changing the Community One Dollar at a Time

sustainable community investing

As individuals and families, we can harness the power of money to become game changers in our community by being thoughtful and intentional about our behavior. Every dollar we spend, save, or invest has an impact but it’s up to us to decide what that impact will be. Let’s first look at the savings and […]

Gender-Lens Investing

save money for retirement

One of the fast-growing areas of impact investing is gender-lens investing, which incorporates gender-based factors, either to enhance investment performance, lower risk or to promote more gender equality. Just as environmentally minded investors may ask about their portfolio’s carbon footprint, increasingly people want to know what good or harm their money is doing for women. […]

Impact Investing for the Risk Averse

wealth growth

Impact investing has a variety of meanings and preconceptions for many people. Some of this relates to the plethora of terms that are used to describe the practice of aligning our financial decision-making with our values and priorities. We hear about sustainable, responsible, ethical, and values-based approaches. Depending on the context, these can be different […]

Slow Money: A Model for a Sustainable Economy

sustainable environment

I just had the great pleasure of attending the 20th Anniversary SRI in the Rockies Conference. This year’s gathering of the sustainable and responsible investing community, titled “From Crisis to Opportunity: Investing in a Sustainable World”, was held in Tucson from October 25-28. As always, the event was energizing and inspirational as the world’s leading […]

Progress, Not Perfection

solar power 

Over the years, I’ve found that there a number of obstacles that have prevented many socially concerned investors from investing their money in a sustainable and responsible manner. For some, it is an ingrained belief often perpetuated by the media that aligning your values with your money will lead to inferior results and will compromise […]

Cliffs, Ceilings and Wellness

After the 11th hour deal on the “fiscal cliff”, the mainstream media’s attention has quickly shifted to the battle over raising the debt ceiling. I suspect most of you will be relieved to know that I have no plan to use this space to further dissect the details of the cliff issue. What I would […]

Spring Ahead: Go Fossil Fuel Free!

As spring takes hold here in the northeast, our thoughts naturally turn toward the planet. This time of renewal and possibility creates a perfect opportunity to review what we’re doing and see where we might want to step things up a notch. One key area to consider is whether we can take steps to bring […]

Bringing It All Back Home

renewable energy

Sustainable and responsible investing (“SRI”) takes many forms. The movement started with a focus on excluding the stocks of weapons manufacturers and other defense contractors. The so called “sin stocks” of companies in the tobacco, alcohol, gambling and pornography businesses were also typically excluded. Much of this stemmed from the religious orientation of some of […]

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