Using our Leverage as Investors to Fight Climate Change

climate change

The events of this summer have left no doubt that the more severe impacts of climate change are happening right now. In the last few months, we’ve seen record-setting heat in the Pacific Northwest, prolonged drought and fires throughout the west, and tremendous amounts of rain, flooding and damaging storms through much of the rest […]

Visit SWA at the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair 2021

green fair

As a member of the Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment (CASE) mailing list, we are sending you a personal invitation to the fifth annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair. It will be held virtually Saturday, March 6 from 10-4 pm. Register for free here: Learn about solar options that fit your home, […]

Recent Stock Market Gyrations – How Concerned Should We Be?

financial ups and downs

It’s a strange time by all accounts, with a virus shutting down travel, activities, and commerce globally in an attempt to contain the spread. The COVID-19 pandemic should first be considered a health issue, and everybody should do what they can to protect themselves and their loved ones from the spread of the disease. It should […]

Shareowner Advocacy – The Heart of Impact


The most visible and discussed component of sustainable, responsible, impact investing (SRI) is centered on the process of screening. Based on certain environmental, social or governance (ESG) criteria, various companies are screened out (exclusionary) or screened in (inclusionary). While it’s extremely significant for investors to be able to better align their investments with their values […]

Toxic Challenges and Opportunities in the Apparel Industry

When we think of sustainability issues, the apparel industry is probably not the first thing to come to mind. The current environmental and social realities of this vast industry present some huge challenges though. Much attention has been paid recently to the consequences of the “fast fashion” phenomenon, in which mass retailers create and sell […]

Beyond the Basics

grown your money

Many impact investors share some of the same concerns with respect to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues they hold dear. There are certainly significant differences re: the level of urgency and passion people feel about a particular topic, but most people who are inclined to factor in non-financial criteria don’t want to invest […]

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